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Tailored Just For You

Your outfit is made just for you based on your measurements.


Place Your Order

Select your pieces and opt for the made-to-measure option.

Measure Body By 3D Scan

After your purchase, you will instantly receive the scanning link via email or SMS with instructions on how to scan your body with just 2 photos taken from your mobile phone.

Measurements Sent to Designer

Your measurements are directly sent to the designer who will craft your garment.

Find your perfect fit

Discover your perfect fit seamlessly through our collaboration with 3DLOOK's Mobile Tailor solution. Capture two simple photos on your phone, and in a matter of seconds, receive accurate body measurements, guaranteeing the ideal garment size for you.


What kind of technology will be used to take my measurements from home?

We have partnered with 3DLOOK the leading provider of AI-DRIVEN mobile body scanning solutions worldwide. Through this collaboration, our customers can conveniently and accurately take their measurements from the comfort of their homes. This innovation solution refelects our commitment to delivering tailored experiences that meet the highest standards of quality and convenience for our valued customers.

How can I be sure that 3DLOOK provides accurate and reliable results?

3DLOOK brings seven years of cutting-edge AI ressearch, a dedicated 3D lab, and trust from over 100 global brands. 3DLOOK has been certified as a standard in mobile body scanning by IEEE, the world's largest global standards organization to advance innovation. With 3DLOOK, expect unmatched accuracy, versatility and reliability.

My suit doesn't fit, what options do I have? 

If there is any issue with the fit or construction of your garments, please contact us with your order number at within 5 business days of your order's arrival, and we will find a solution tailored to your needs. For more informations, please check our page Returns and Refunds Policy.

How does 3DLOOK's scanning technology work ?

The technology extracts key body landmarks from a customer’s photos and creates a 3D body model from which they extract 86 measurements. They extract important features of the user’s body, such as body contour, body shape, and position, detect specific body parts (head, neck, shoulders, forearms, and ankles) and capture the details of the user’s appearance, such as haircut and skin tone.

Are there specific clothing requirements?

Mobile Tailor works best when users wear tight-fitted bottoms (ie, leggings) and tops (ie, tight tee shirt, tank top, sports bra).

How do you address privacy?

Your privacy is our priority. Photos are solely used for generating 3D models and measurements. Should you wish to delete any photos, simply send a deletion request to Your data is in secure hands.

Can I upload existing photos?

No, to ensure the highest level of accuracy, we require using our scanning link which incorporates a gyroscope for optimal angle control. This ensures you receive the most precise measurements.

Our AI-powered tool generates a 3D body model with measurements, capturing high-resolution and accurate body shape and size. This ensures you receive the most precise measurements.

How long does it take to scan?

Scanning is a breeze —completed in under 3 minutes. The moment a scan is done, measurements will be send to the designer.

What if I’m alone? How do I scan myself ?

No problem at all. Mobile Tailor offers two convenient modes: “With a Friend’ and “Hands-Free
Scan”. Their voice control guides you through a solo scan, using a desk-high surface to angle your phone. Either way, the process is quick, easy, and designed to suit your needs.

Can I check my measurements?

Sure. Should you wish to have your measurements kindly reach out to us via email at Our dedicated team member will promptly assist you by providing your measurements via email.

Tailored to Fit, Tailored for Earth

Opting for made-to-measure fashion isn't just about achieving the perfect fit—it's also a conscious choice for the environment. By embracing made-to-measure, you're taking a stand against wasteful practices.