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About The Kalarah Marketplace

Kalarah is an online platform that brings together female fashion designers and minority owned brands from emerging markets like Africa, South America and Asia. The world of Kalarah is one where luxury meets traditions and cultural heritage, bringing shoppers on a journey to discover inspirational human stories through fashion. 

In latin, the meaning of the name
KA-LA-RA is shines.

We chose this name because it represents the mission
of our company, which is to shine a light on unsung talented female fashion

Diversity & Inclusivity

We amplify the work of designers with different demographics.


We do all things with passion.


We love things that last.

Our Mission

At Kalarah, our mission is to shine a light on female fashion designers and minority-owned businesses in developing countries currently not valued internationally. Kalarah is an online store where women-owned minority-owned businesses are showcased, celebrated, and highly sought after by couscious consumers.

Join us celebrating and supporting women-owned businesses in developing countries